Car Care – Why Should You Avoid Eating Inside Your Car?

Posted by on Jul 13, 2018 in Car Mechanic | Comments Off on Car Care – Why Should You Avoid Eating Inside Your Car?

mobile car repairs riverviewDo you mostly eat inside your car? While it is really easy to purchase food while driving as there is a lot of drive-thrus, but do you know that it is better not to eat inside your vehicle?

Here are some reasons why you should avoid eating inside your car:

Your car is the least food-friendly location ever made. Your vehicle is made of different items that are cramped into a very tight space, which is also composed of even tighter spaces that you don’t even notice. With that in mind, it is impossible in most cases to just reach that French fries you dropped somewhere. In fact, the next time you will find these rogue meal runaways are when you really need to clean these crevices or you just happened to pick it up while you are looking for a parking change. From spilled ketchup, French fries, cup holder stains, and even headliners smeared with ice cream, your car is prone to them.

Don’t ignore the smell. The car interior especially the car seats is made of soft fabrics that can trap smells of food. So while it is a good idea to just eat inside your vehicle, you will have to bear the smell of burgers and fries for the next days to come.

It is not healthy. While it is very convenient to just drive-through as you go to work, but it is also an indication of an unhealthy eating habit. Most drive-thru restaurants will offer burgers and chickens. It is actually much better to just stop your car and enter the restaurant to just savour a good meal instead of staying inside your car. All in all, it is not a good habit to eat inside your vehicle.